Reasons why Punta Mita is the Ultimate Luxury Getaway

Punta Mita is the Ultimate Luxury Getaway

There only a handful of destinations around the world that come close to Punta Mita. This isn’t because of the beautiful, scenic views of the resort island.

It’s because of the unforgettable adventure it offers and the friendly locals that will make you feel more than welcomed.

If you’re planning a vacation to Punta Mita—whether it’s a solo escapade or your honeymoon—you’ve made the right choice.

Here’s why the beautiful resort island is known as “The Gateway to Paradise”:

Unmatched Geographic Locations

Punta Mita is known for its golf courses but that’s not the only thing it has to offer. It’s located near at least 10 major airports in the U.S. and Mexico. This means that it’s easy to access and fly to.

The closest airport is the Puerto Vallarta International Airport, which is a 45-minute drive from the main entrance of the resort island.

And if you own a private jet, the airport also offers a private terminal for you to take advantage of.

Plenty of Opportunities for Adventure

The island is surrounded by three beautiful beaches and a coastline studded with colorful homes. It also offers a bevy of water sports and activities for those thirsty for adventure. From scuba-diving to parasailing, there’s plenty to look forward to!

If you love sport fishing, you’ll have a blast catching your own fish. Punta Mita is known for its marlin, mahi-mahi, red snapper, tuna, and amberjack.

Stunning Golf Courses

Club Punta Mita has been listed in the 100 greatest golf courses list by Golf Digest. Furthermore, the club also has a tennis court that’s perfect for both amateurs and professional players.

But more than that, you’ll be playing golf while surrounded by breathtaking views. Other than this, the club also has a separate court for tennis players. You can visit for a game with your friends/significant other or try your luck on the court with a local if you’re traveling alone.

The club also offers exquisite Mexican dishes for lunch and dinner. But the menu is diverse and if you don’t like Mexican food, there’s seafood and Pan-Asian to try as well.

Booking Accommodation

Now that you know what to expect from your trip to Punta Mita, it’s time look for accommodation. Hotels and motels aren’t exactly expensive but they also don’t offer the best experience either!

This is where Casa Caballo comes in.

Looking for special events resort Punta Mita? Casa Caballo offers an unforgettable experience to vacationers traveling to Punta Mita! Rent a room at a 3-bed, 3-bath newly-renovated luxury villa in Punta Mita, and make your vacation unforgettable!

Feel free to contact us to book a room today!

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